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Oh hey. [Mon 09.01.12 11:55PM]
One of my resolutions this year is to start blogging regularly again, so in-between incessantly updating Tumblr, I'll either resume posting things here or consider creating an actual website...

Until then, a few of my alter-egos decided to combine forces in gif-form:

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Convention schedule! [Wed 20.04.11 10:58AM]
I know that I rarely post here anymore, but I figured that in case any of you were wondering, here's my convention schedule for this year :D

Events listed in bold = definite attendance.
Events listed in italics = tentative.

PAX East
March 11 – 13, 2011
@ Boston Convention & Exhibition Center [Boston]

MoCCA Festival
April 9 - 10, 2011

@ the 69th Regiment Armory [NYC]

Anime Boston

April 22 – 24, 2011
@ Hynes Convention Center [Boston]

Boston Comic Con
April 30 – May 1, 2011
@ Hynes Convention Center [Boston]
NOTE: I’m holding a Tumblr meetup on Saturday, so be sure to RSVP :D

Free Comic Book Day
May 7, 2011
@ New England Comics [Brookline & Allston, MA]

San Diego Comic Con
July 21 – 24, 2011
@ San Diego Convention Center [San Diego]

Sep. 2 - 5, 2011
Atlanta, GA
Notes: I really want to go, but I have to figure out where I’m going to stay, since the hotels in Atlanta are apparently all booked up already (what the what?). If you have any leads, drop me a line :)

New York Comic Con
October 14 – 16, 2011
@ Jacob K. Javits Center [NYC]

Be sure to let me know if any of you are attending any of these conventions! ♥
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nycc [Tue 05.10.10 11:43PM]
Guh, I haven't made a legit update in FOREVER. I still have a draft of the entire recap of our trip to San Diego Comic Con in queue, that I was hoping to post by now, but alas, life got in the way of livejournal.

Anyway, New York Comic Con is this weekend and I still have a billion things to do before I leave on Thursday morning, but I'm pretty thrilled. Anyway, let me know if any of you are going so that I can look out for you :D
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In which, this is not the latest incarnation of the Batmobile. [Fri 06.08.10 08:58PM]
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I finally gave in & joined Tumblr:

future bat lady

personal tumblr



comic fashion, etc.

Follow away~♥
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To-Do List: Summer 2010 [Fri 28.05.10 12:00PM]

bow & bunny
She's got powers.

Since June 1st is right around the corner and whatnot...
- San Diego Comic Con
- Six Flags [and actually go on the Bizarro this time]
- get a bathing suit
- get new glasses
- go to Hampton beach
- create atleast one new thing a week, no matter how big or small.
- clear out my wardrobe
- revive my Etsy store [I know, I know...]
- plan my and Alicia's super birthday party, pt. III ♥
- museums: Institute of Contemporary Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Children's Museum, Museum of Science
- go to NYC [I haven't been back since January, so I'd like to go a couple more times before NYCC.]
- see the fireworks
- shows: She & Him, Stereo Total
- karaoke
- bowling
- secret photoshoot mission
- work on costumes for NYCC [just ordered my weekend pass :D]
- acquire/create a new Bat-mask [I broke my plastic one :-/]
- exercise regularly again
- figure out how I'll decorate our new place, once we relocate to Wayne Tower :D [just signed the lease this week - we will be moving on August 31st/September 1st]\
- movies: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Toy Story 3, Inception, Dr. Horrible Sing-Along Blog sing-along @ midnight.
- update my blogs more regularly
- go to the Mapparium
- Super Secret Mission [still in progress, haha]
- start my own collection of SILLY BANDZ* [I wanna be cool too!]
- spend more time with my friends [I know I'm busy, but I kind of miss a lot of you. I guess. Call me or something.]

* I mostly just want the Hello kitty shaped ones. And these:

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Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #10 [Sat 15.05.10 05:14PM]
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #10 just came out this past Wednesday:
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #10
page 16, panel 1 - check out the reporter on the bottom righthand corner...

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #10
It's ME! Caught in an explosion in front of Kitty Pryde's house!

David Lafuente drew me into this issue of Ultimate Comics Spider-Man after he saw this photo of me posing with UCSM #5 ◐‿◐ He told me to look out for a striped dress in issue #10, but I had figured that he was just going to draw it on MJ/Gwen/Kitty, or that some miscellaneous background character was going to be wearing my dress, which I thought would've been pretty stellar...

But alas, that's me! With a BOW! In a Spider-Man comic! In a panel with freaking Spider-Man himself!
Never in a million years would I have thought I'd make even the tiniest of cameos in a comic book, but I think it's safe to say that I'm still totally nerding out [at the very least] XD

Anyway, go check out UCSM if you haven't already - it's the only Marvel series that I read right now, and I think that that says a lot, being a DC girl and all. And again, thanks David Lafuente!
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Free Comic Book Day 2010 [Sun 09.05.10 11:08PM]
Ramona Flowers

So, Free Comic Book Day 2010 was this past May 1st!

This was my first time being on costume duty for Free Comic Book Day - the past few years, I've only been able to attend FCBD at the comic shops near UMass, where the FCBD celebrations aren't as ornate and silly as they are at New England Comics. Luckily, Alicia and I were asked to participate this year at New England Comics [Allston], in costume :D

Originally, Alicia and I had two really great costumes planned and all ready to go; however, due to last-minute family/religious nonsense, she wasn't able to make it :( In the end, it actually all worked out for the best, since the wig for my costume still has yet to arrive [China, WTF?], and we'll probably just save these costumes for San Diego :D Anyway, instead, I pulled together a brand new Ramona Flowers get-up [outfit from "Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together"; hammer from "Scott Pilgrim & the Infinite Sadness"]. Basically, I spent the day taking photos with people, waving at buses, and snacking on free food. I also befriended my costumed brethren, and bonded over how DC > Marvel*.

And at one point, these young men asked Harley Quinn if she was "Joker's girl" and then looked at me and asked if I was Thor's girl. Must've been the hammer.
Though they also asked me if I was Wonder Woman. Must've been when I beat the shit out of them.


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Pittsblerg [Sun 11.04.10 06:33PM]
polaroids taken by Kyna

A few weekends ago, I made a trek to Pittsburgh, to see Rae before she left for Japan for another year. I really missed her, so I was thrilled to get to see her. Also, spending time with Rae also meant total fashion overload @_@ Bought lots of new clothes and Rae picked up a lot of things in Japan for me ♥ Plus, I finally got to meet Kyna, whom I truly believe is my Marvel Universe counterpart ♥

Otherwise, life's been pretty busy, but fun - I've been running on empty, doing various things for Anime Boston and Boston Comic Con, which were last weekend and this weekend respectively, and just trying to keep things in order. There was a brief crisis with our hotel situation for San Diego Comic Con; I thought that I had confirmed a reservation on the SDCC hotel reservation system, but it turned out that there was an additional step in the confirmation process that I wasn't aware of, and thus, our reservation was canceled. Luckily, Priceline came to the rescue and we actually got a hotel that's slightly closer to the con, of equal caliber with the hotel we originally booked, and CHEAPER! So now, all we have left to worry about are our costumes. Judging from how I've handled Anime Boston and Boston Comic Con over the past couple of weeks, I plan to be better with giving myself enough time to work on my costumes sans pushing myself too hard. Plus, I was starting to get nausea attacks from a strict diet of no sleep and sugar-free Amp, so yeah.

In other news, my hair is red. I'm hoping to work on some other projects and to actually get my Etsy back on track. And I'm in dire need of sleep, hangers for my new clothes, gym, mini-tacos, diet mountain dew, and more time with Andrew.

I'll post photos from Anime Boston and Boston Comic Con in a separate post, but for now, everything else!

shark fartsCollapse )
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I'm fuckin' helping everybody right now. [Sun 21.03.10 04:08AM]
Oh yeah, and this happened:

Which lead to this...
which then lead to THIS.

Holy moly.
Disbelief = suspended until further notice.
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my baby, my darling [Mon 15.03.10 10:59PM]

This is basically what my life looks like right now.
... plus a dash of nerdy things here and there.

Full update later~
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I know you are, but what am I? [Fri 05.02.10 12:08AM]
I'd be a bit miffed if I didn't get this for Valentine's Day :

But in all seriousness, I do really want these.
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meow wow [Sun 31.01.10 02:17PM]
black sequined bow
S. Kyle. I'm so ready to be a pin-up in Tiger Beat magazine.

Spent my MLK weekend in Brooklyn - went shoppinggg, hung out with friends, met up with Jasmine & John [!], saw the Archie exhibit at the MoCCA, and ventured out in the city. As always, I never have enough time to do all the things I want, but I think that maybe I'll have an actual NY vacation sometime in the Summer or Fall. Regardless, I'll definitely return to NY once the weather is a bit warmer, and when more of my friends are back in town n_n Anyway, I returned to Wayne Manor on Monday night, exhausted and more than happy to be back home with people who provide hard taco shells for me for Taco Night ♥

Otherwise, my life has basically consisted of the following:
- Rewatching Aziz Ansari's "Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening". If Evelyn can't move into Wayne Manor, I'm officially nominating Aziz to be our other-other roommate. I've also been catching up Batman: Brave and the Bold.
- Teared up during Conan's last show.
- Been perusing through a catalog of prop/weapon replicas. Nerd-hyperventilation ensued.
- Slowly catching up on comics.
- Working on lots of secret missions and actually relying on organization and plans, rather than going about everything spontaneously. I actually feel less stressed. Go figure.
- Going to the gym. Wooooo.
- Blowing my money on lots of nice things to make my room/life prettier.
- Recently realizing that I've never slow-danced in my entire life.

Anddd I will be in Albany/Earth-2 on Valentine's/President's Day weekend n_n

[These took me forever to c&p and put them in order. I care too much about my Livejournal.]
She"s a safe-cracker.Collapse )

I'll have a post about this weekend... eventually ♥

But until then...
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supersonic idiotic [Thu 28.01.10 12:29PM]
In light of Zelda Rubinstein's death, I'm still trying to live out my life in the style of Teen Witch.
[a goal I've had since I was 5]

Teen Witch

The spontaneous song-breaks about liking boys and wanting the be the most popular girl are definitely putting me on the right track, but I still need to find my amulet. And only then, will Brad the Heartthrob like me, and then my best friend will win over her dream guy with a sassy rap-off, and then life will be awesome.

Teen Witch

But Madame Serena will still be dead.
Maybe it's not too late to re-align my life-goals to the Poltergeist movies.
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two thousand tense [Mon 11.01.10 08:20PM]
bubble vision
Welcome to 2010.

On New Year’s Eve, we headed out to First Night in Boston – despite living in/near Boston all my life, this was actually my first time attending First Night. We ventured to the Hynes for Kaiju, met up with more people, and encountered a couple guys who used this line on me. Afterwards, we looked at the ice sculptures [all of them appeared to be only viewable in Blackest-Night-vision], decided to avoid the crowded bars along Newbury Street after the countdown, and headed home to play Rock Band instead. All in all, one of the most fun New Year’s I’ve had in a long time.

I decided to spend the first weekend of the new year going on a much-needed self-date and treated myself to a haircut and redyed my hair, new clothes, a burger and fries, and attempted to go glasses-shopping, which was all really nice – 2009 had been one of the busiest years of my entire life [in a good way] and it was nice to just get away and have a day for myself. However, by the end of the day, I came home to a freezing Wayne Manor [broken heater, gah], and I had managed to lose my brand new Charlie Card on the way home. Combined with the realization that I wouldn’t be able to fight off this horrible growing sense of doubt with retail therapy, burgers, or comic books this time, it really wasn’t the ideal state to ring in the new year, especially after feeling so ambitious days prior. I started to worry that maybe I wasn’t as ready as I thought - ready to accomplish all of these things that I’ve been wanting to do, to take on these responsibilities, to make the first move, to accept possible and inevitable disappointments, to give in [or to give up] when necessary, to feel this strongly about anyone/anything, to prove everyone wrong/right… It wasn’t until today [about a week later] that I realized that since I’ve confronted my problem that night, I’ve actually been more zealous than ever to follow through with all the amazing things that I’m destined to do... and maybe even catch up on my comics one day. I have faith in myself and everything I pursue.

Alicia and I went to a free screening of Youth in Revolt last week. Michael Cera’s Zur-en-Arrh personality [and trash ‘stache] killed me. Over the past week, I’ve been on two food excursions with the Kaiju crew, which is nice, as I really only get to see them at Battels. Anddd Jake, Alicia and I went on a field trip to the Museum of Science for the Harry Potter exhibit [it was my Christmas present to them :D]. It was absolutely breathtaking, and I don’t really consider myself a huge Harry Potter fan per se. I loved being able to see all of the gorgeous intricate details in the clothing and wands. Also, Jake and I totes slam-dunked the funk in Quidditch. BALLIN.

And I’ve welcomed Planet Fitness back into my galaxy.

Oh, and now I’m actively floating around in the dregs of the internet:
Lookbook & DeviantArt
I’ve had both accounts open for a while now, but I’m finally using Lookbook, and semi-using DevArt [mostly to stalk comic artists]. Yeah, that’s it.

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les résolutions [Sun 03.01.10 03:11AM]
I've already trimmed and redyed my hair.
Now onto the rest!

2010 resolutions:
- finish SDCC planning [book flight/hotel, costume planning, etc]
- stop losing Charlie Cards
- revive my Etsy
- take 52 comic shop photos [presumably one per week]
- make a proper portfolio of all of my costumes and styling work
- renew my gym membership & start going to the gym regularly again [gotta be in tip top shape to fight off baddies and fanboys]
- make atleast one new dress out of scratch [recons don't count!]
- participate in 24 Hour Comics Day
- accomplish my Super-Secret Mission
- see Rae Westcott ♥
- break into the DC Comics HQ
- have a table at Bazaar Bizarre [Boston] with Alicia
- practice playing piano/keytar
- get new glasses [ASAP!]
- be in a comic book and/or further infiltrate the comic industry
- draw more often
- be able to sing on Expert regularly on Rock Band
- obtain a utility belt
- save money/budget better
- learn the Single Ladies dance
- learn to ride a bike. Maybe.
- cosplay for the following: Boston Comic Con [Spring & Fall], Anime Boston, Free Comic Book Day party at New England Comics, Super-Secret-Mission-related mini-missions, SDCC, New York Comic Con. Wizard World Philly, Wizard World New England, and Dragon*Con are tentative.
- catch up on comics [yeah, yeah...]
- record more videos
- rearrange my work schedule to get every other Friday off
- be less Bat-centric, in terms of comics. Actually, I think that I will attempt to read more Marvel, to see how the other side lives for a change.
- be less Rock Band-centric, in terms of video games. Ehhh.
- attend this year's Drink & Draw Like A Lady cocktail party and actually NETWORK.
- clear out my wardrobe
- clear out the clutter in my storage
- spend more time with friends - I've been crazy busy over these past few months, and I do miss a lot of you. Let's make plans and hang out :D
- get more sleep [although, looking at this list, this may prove to be the most difficult resolution to keep]
- stop wasting time and dragging things out - I really can't be bothered.

And that's 34. Hey 2010. Let's do this.

NYE post/photos later :D
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bizarro honesty box [Wed 30.12.09 11:23AM]

Ask me anything... DO IT!

In which, now you can anonymously bombard me with all of those creepy questions you've been dying to ask me ♥
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Life is much more than seven simple colors. [Fri 11.12.09 05:20PM]
ring capacity?
"I think I saw this on a Saturday morning cartoon."

Since we last left off :

Alicia and I saw Metric at the House of Blues. How much I adore you, Ms. Haines.

I've been slowly catching up on comics [some dating back to October - yikes]. One day, I will catch up and be cool.

I recently ran into one of my younger friends from high school, whom I haven't seen since my freshman year of college - she spotted me while I was in the comic shop [yeah, yeah...]. Within only half an hour of catching up with her, and discussing her goals in film-making, I realized how refreshing it was to talk to someone who seemed just as creatively-inspired and motivated as myself. For a while now [especially with most of my friends living the post-college life during the current state of the job market], I've realized that my absurd level of optimism does come across as ridiculous, if not unnerving, to others, so it was just really nice to talk to someone who also has high hopes for herself.

So, I may or may not have had H1N1. It was the most painful flu I've ever experienced, and Alicia's professor supposedly had it... and given my bad habit of rolling around in Alicia's schoolwork, I feel that it was only inevitable. It hit me right during Thanksgiving weekend too, which caused me to miss out on both Black Friday [eh] and my 5-year high school reunion... which means that I'll have to wait another five years to show all those thick-necked bullies and over-tanned bitchezzz how fucking awesome I am now*! Anyway, my voice only recently got back to semi-normal, which means that I can kind of play Rock Band again [yay].

Saw Fantastic Mr. Fox. It was fantastic.

Razz came to visit, which was fun, and I got to see a lot of people whom I haven't seen in a while. It made me realize that I've been stupidly busy for the past few months and that I haven't been able to see a lot of my friends, but I hope that things will slow down once it's January.

Somewhat related, I plan on going to NYC during MLK weekend [January 16th-18th], mostly to go fabric-shopping, gorge on Japanese food on St. Mark's, and maybe visit the DC offices [OMG OMG I KNOW RIGHT?!], so if any of you would like to meet up during that weekend [and/or provide shelter for me (pleaseeeee)], let me know :D

Next week, I'm blasting off on my first business trip [and pretty much my first plane ride] ever - I'm in the land of the South for 3.5 days. Turns out that the closest comic shop is about 45 minutes away from where I'll be staying... so I've already taken out The Complete Essex County from the library to keep me busy during my off-hours. I'm finally a grown-up, guys.

And as of late, I've felt like the sleepiest girl in the world.


* Jaykay jaykay - I was totes pops in HS.
** Yes, I am totes name-dropping my favorite artists/writers when they e-acknowledge me. DEAL.
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NYE [Thu 10.12.09 12:40PM]
So... what are you all doing for New Years Eve?
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I've liked you for a thousand years. [Tue 27.10.09 11:10PM]
Flowers & Pine
... I think maybe I'm getting sick of themed parties.
[photo credits: Benn Robbins]
If you feel like comparing...Collapse )

Also, Alicia's taller than I am, but not as relatively tall as she looks in that photo...
it's totally just the camera angle.

... And Bryan Lee O'Malley and MTV's Splash Page tweeted/retweeted our photo. FAME.

Anyway, here are some photos from Big Apple Con/Boston Comic Con/LIFE...
and even A VIDEO [... THE FUTURE!]

I"ve liked you for a thousand years.

P.S. Wow, we haven't even reached Halloween yet, have we?
Look out for yet another post full of costumes next week... !
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Gogo Comics [Sun 25.10.09 11:48PM]
Just a refreshing reminder of what I look like in my civvies...
[Superior photo creds, of course, go to my comic store dad, Benn Robbins.]

I'll post about Boston Comic Con at a later date, but overall, I had a lot of fun.
Got some comics, saved my friends from boredom/creeps, and bummed around the artist tables that had the best candy.
I'm a nuisance.

For now, here are a few things that I'd acquired last weekend:
Lois Lane watches
I got a super deal on these from a dealer at BACC - 2 for $5 *o*
I was initially only going to get the white one, but they were both so cute ♥

Stormtroopers / Booster Gold Fan Club
left: Marc Ecko x Star Wars shirt [for free... for being a Girl Wonder]
right: Booster Gold Fan Club shirt [I need to resize it ASAP so I can wear it. EVERYDAY.]
My family LOL'd when I showed them the Booster shirt XD

Art Brut tote bag
I picked this up at the Art Brut show.
I wanted the Art Brut comic shirt, but they didn't have them at the Cambridge show...
however, the tote proved to be a suitable cape-carrying purse on my way to New York, haha.

The Long Blondes tote bag
I also didn't get this from the con.
I finally got Vix's package in the mail, which included this Long Blondes tote bag that I've been eying for a while.

goGo Comics
Andrew drew me this for my birthday... I kind of freaked out over how awesome this was *o*
Plus, it's even bagged & boarded! Totally stellar ♥
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Colossus the Mountain Jew [Tue 20.10.09 01:58AM]
Until I get around to finishing my con-report for Big Apple Comic Con...

@ 0:30 seconds [doing my "POW! BAM!"] n_n;;
And you can spot Alex & Juli as Zatanna & Black Canary at 1:31 ♥

And Jeremy captured Iceman's freestyle rapping over Deathstroke's beatboxing.

Absolutely brilliant.

[x-posted in lesvillainettes]
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Holy matrimony, Batman! [Mon 12.10.09 01:57AM]
Mostly a photo dump of what's been going on since October's started...

Pumpkins, fashion, shoes, holy matrimony Batman, etc.


Okay, back to my costume.
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L'OCTOBRE [Thu 01.10.09 12:20PM]
Sup October? Wasn't expecting you so soon...

Planned adventures, in chronological order:
- carving pumpkins/roasting pumpkin seeds [WHAT SHOULD I CARVE? OMG]
- Toy Story 1 & 2 in 3D

- free Mission of Burma show
- Whip It [Ellen Page + Maeby + roller derby = triple-punch to the guilty pleasure bone]
- photoshoot [?]
- my cousin's wedding
- trip to Salem [?]
- free Aquarium night
- 30 Rock season premiereee
- Art Brut [fucking finally]
- Big Apple Con with Andrew!
- Where the Wild Things Are [OMFG]

- a couple post-con days in NY with K8
- Six Flags FRIGHT FEST [despite my dream-death the other night, involving Bizarro]
- Boston Comic Con [Sunday] with Alicia, J'ai & Sara ♥
- Say Anything [?]
- Halloween party [?] - we're thinking about hosting a party on Halloween night, but we're not defs yet, considering that there are probably a billion other things going on that night. What are the rest of you doing for Halloween?
- Superhero 5K run - watching, not participating. Though that skanky Flash costume* would be kind of appropriate... maybe not. Now, if they really wanted to be nerdy, they'd have the villain-runners be at the front of the race, with the heroes chasing them, but I think I'd be setting my expectations a tad bit high.

Kicking the month off properly tonight, with free tickets to an advance screening of Zombieland [thanks New England Comics!]. We're** going to hold hands, eat burritos, then go to BoCoLo*** for the movie.

Some people have already presented their concern, believing that I will collapse and die by the end of all this insanity. Come on, people - have a little bit more faith in me ♥

And now I'll officially close out the month of September [and this post] with my last outfit of the month:
09.30.09 - Taken by Benn Robbins of New England Comics
black bow: handmade/Betty Felon
black mask necklace: purchased from Magpie Thrift
b&w striped zipper dress: h&m
plaid bomber jacket: h&m
black tights: uniqlo
black combat boots: steve madden
Gotham City Sirens, #3: New England Comics [duh]
[new lipstick! Revlon Va Va Violet ♥]

* Furthermore, as far as skanky, pre-made femmed-up superhero costumes go, The Flash one is actually cute.
** We = me + Alicia, though at this point, I feel like I would be discrediting the reader if I had to specify whom I meant... as I am doing right now. Sorry.
*** Bo[ston] Co[mmon] Lo[ews]; not to be confused with Boloco, from where we are getting our burritos.
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JEM JAM ★ [Mon 28.09.09 09:18AM]
Kimber & Stormer
Our birthday party was truly outrageous ★
Alicia really is the Kimber to my Stormer ♥

JEM JAM was a blast! Almost all of our friends showed up and we just Rock Band'd the night away. Everyone seemed to get along swimmingly and appeared to have a stellar time. All in all, a major success! Thanks for all the birthday wishes, presents, and to everyone who showed up... doing the right thing makes you a SUPERSTAR★

But alas, singing/screaming + sick/sore throat = semi-shot voice. Blehhhh.
And all of this Synergy has given me a headache...
Luckily this week will be pretty low-key. Y'know aside from starting/finishing my other costumes in queue.

I also still need to buy my ticket for Big Apple Con, dye my hair, get new glasses, schedule a photoshoot, figure out if there is in fact a contact lens lost in my left eye [I'm starting to believe that it has slid all the way to the back of my eyeball and floated off into subspace], make a massive "what I bought" report, and eventually get through my pile of comics.

You'll have to go through a few photos before you get to the actual party pics. Deal.
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23. [Wed 23.09.09 01:37PM]
Last weekend [September 12th] was unofficially the first of eight busy weekends in a row. Just realized that. Anyway, since that weekend...

I've inherited 3 BB guns from Devin. I feel bad for whomever decides to break into our house, only to discover our trove of vigilante artillery :-/ [see: Alicia's Rorschach mask and guns in the kitchen pantry, for starters.]

Date weekend with Alicia. We got our hurr did; the hairdressers asked if we were going out afterwards, now that we were all glammed up. They just kind of looked at us when we excitedly told them that we were going to the craft store. I bought Alicia a pony, and we saw Superheroine Monologues again [this performance was the extended version, which included more songs... and 60's Batman, Riddler, Joker, and The Penguin!]. Conclusively, I love Alicia Wood.

I've acquired two new dresses & a lint roller. I love you, Crouton & Mozilla, but you guys are kinda ruining my outfits every morning! I've also bought all of my fabric/materials for my Big Apple Con costume. And many cans of Amp. I placed in my requests for all of the other power rings [ONE FOR EVERY OUTFIT/MOOD SWING]. I've also ordered more shoes/boots, a dress, and various other accessories [for both real and fake life]. I'm already planning to reward myself with a dress, once I'm done with all of my projects. Because clearly, I suffer from a dress-deficiency.

Aside from Blackest Night: Batman, I haven't had the time to get through any of my other comics over the past couple of weeks - I've started reading Batman & Robin and Batgirl during the T catastrophe last Wednesday, but haven't gotten a chance to finish. Sewing and/or getting tangled up in tape measures have more or less taken up my life. Speaking of almost-completed costumes, post-haircut Alicia tried on her almost-completed outfit. I kind of wanted to break up with her just so that I could friend-court her all over again; honestly, that's how impeccable she looks [LOL HAVE I TOLD YOU HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS GIRL?]. Now I just gotta work my screenprinting-magic on this and we're done with her costume ♥ [Yes, it is incredibly difficult to not blurt out what we're cosplaying until we're completely finished, but for now, it's kind of serving as a good motivator to make us finish our costumes sooner.]

Speaking of costumes, I've also encouraged one of my favorite comic artists to cosplay as Sailor Moon for Halloween ♥ [I even helped her pick out her wig XD]

The Office is back. Fucking yes. I can't wait for new episodes of 30 Rock.

This past weekend was my birthdayyy. The Manor was empty on Friday night, since everyone left for Rosh Hashanah, but Jake & Alicia left my present [please refer to the last post n_n] on the kitchen table for me, and at midnight, my favorite superhero wished me a happy birthday ♥ On Saturday, I trekked to Lowell to visit Joanna & Piseth ♥ We went to a Greek Gods/Mythic Creatures party, which was a blast. I went as Artemis [1. BOWS & arrows. 2. Since Oracles aren't goddesses, I'll settle for being a Huntress (ba-dum-ching!)]. On Sunday, I saw my parents briefly - they gave me a Kewpie doll keychain. The number of years old I am is officially one greater than the number of Kewpie dolls I currently own. Yes, that needed to be stated.

I officially have business cards at work. And in December, I'm going on a business trip to South Carolina... take your shirt off, and twist it 'round yo hand, spin it like a helicopter. I don't think I've ever actually heard that rap in its entirety, nor do I really need to. Conclusively, I'm totes profesh'.

Ohhh, also! I'm Jasmine's CRUSH OF THE WEEK

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les cinq choses [Mon 21.09.09 11:27AM]
I'll make a proper post later, but there are five important things that I must address right now:

1. Despite going to one of the top party schools of the United States*, and dating a frat brother for a fair majority of that time**, I've never attended a toga party until the night of my 23rd birthday [this past Saturday].

Although, technically, it was a Greek gods/mythic creatures party. Photos later.

2. Technically, you still have a few more days to get/build me this:

[the robot hand, not Beyoncé... though I do need a musical act for my Super Sweet 16...]
Seriously though, what the hell? It's like almost a year since she first started rocking that, and there still has yet to exist a relatively cheap knock-off that would undoubtedly trigger my nickel allergy and make me break out in hives?! COME ON, PEOPLE. I want my bionic hand alreadyyyy.

3. Shelley sent me this on my birthday ♥

Basically, we've concluded that the DCU is more or less a parallel universe to the hip hop world. Oh, you glory-seeking showboats are just EVERYWHERE.

4. Right now, I have the biggest crush on Jayma Mays.

[aka Emma Pillsbury, on Glee]
She reminds me of a mix between a younger Susan Sarandon and a Blythe doll who wears impeccable 1960's mod-inspired outfits. Plus, Emma is totally charmingly crazy and weird [... TV's #1 MPDG? Perhaps.]. Truly, a girl after my own heart.

5. Assuming that none of you will be able to purchase/make a titanium robotic hand***, I'm pretty definite that Alicia and Jake have officially won the Best Friend[s] of the Year Award:
harleen quinzel
So after all of this madness, I guess I don't have to worry too much about not having a Halloween costume. Plus, I needed new pajamas anyway.

Anyway, I realized that last weekend [the 12th] was unofficially the start of eight consecutive busy weekends. I decided to get a full night of sleep last night to make up for my not sleeping for the next four. Godspeed.

* during my enrollment, anyway - it didn't even make the top 25 of this year.
** though I guess it was a bro-nerd frat... ha.
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RE: everyone wanting to know my other secret identities... [Wed 16.09.09 04:36AM]

IT'S A SURPRISE*. [as always]

Almost done with costume #1.
Need to start on the other 4 costumes.
Ideally, everything would be completely finished by next Friday, seeing as from that weekend on [through the entire month of October**], I will be either too busy to sew and/or wearing the aforementioned costumes.

... I'm optimistic.

For this week though, I'm more or less on a hiatus from Rock Band, sleep, daily outfit photos [oh noez], and reading [I still have 5 books from last week that I have yet to read... oh hey, it's Wednesday already, isn't it?].

I'll make a proper post once I'm finished. Promise ♥

* That's a lie - I think that like, 4 people are aware of all of my current and future cosplay endeavors. Half of whom are my parents.

** Dude, Halloween is totally a month-long event. Or a 1.5 month-long event, if you start from my birthday on.
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What do you know about crystals? [Fri 11.09.09 02:01PM]
Lex & the Crystals
Lex & the Crystals
L to R: Ken Kaniff [Jake; drums], Betty Felon [me; vox], AK47 [Alicia; guitar/bass]

Band name explanation: Have you ever seen Superman Returns?

Also, Jake hates ampersands, while Alicia and I really like them.

Second Second LifeCollapse )

Anyway, I hope to build up a suitable song selection and unlock all of the songs in time for Jem Jam. You're welcome.

P.S. xbox gamer tag = Betty Felon. Friend it up.
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le vingt-neuf septembre [Thu 10.09.09 01:45PM]
My root canal went fine - thanks for asking!

Oh, by the way... you have exactly 9 days.

In case you guys needed some help:
- mixes [CDs/zip files/whatevs. I constantly crave new music.]
- anything handmade [You people are creative. I have faith ♥]
- a Belgian waffle maker [!]
- Dick Grayson
- I guess you should probably just reference my room. Way better than going through my garbage to find out what I like, imo.
&&& any of the following itemsCollapse )

In the mean time, let's all ponder as to what Adam West would want for his 81st...
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quickie [Mon 31.08.09 01:44PM]
A quick photo-less rundown:
1. Finished moving the rest of my belongings from Allston to Cambridge. So long, Batcave!
2. Survived a brief heatwave that made me dizzy with headaches and vertigo all week.
3. Ate a funnel cake.
4. Saw District 9. Almost threw up my funnel cake.
5. Due to the fact that I still felt sick, I didn't end up going to NY/Philly. Postponed till September!
6. Saw Inglourious Basterds. Good family flick.
7. Organized my closet by clothing type and color.
8. After about 7 months or so, I've finally set up my printer.
9. Started working on my two paintings. I'm at the 50-75% mark on both of them, which coincidentally enough, is the point at which I don't want to paint anymore. I think all I need is to give myself a break and work on one of my costumes or something before I can regain motivation again.
10. Finished planning ★JEM JAM★. Totes excited.
11. I think that I may have found the perfect wig for my BosComCon costume and for Jem Jam. I'm kind of exploding inside. I just need to wait till these paypal fund$ finish transferring.
12. The other day, I ventured over to the Central Square Library and picked up 13 requests. There's a library a couple blocks away from the Manor, but it's currently under going renovations. I'm sure this is really interesting to all of you.
13. Lost 5 lbs.
14. Every weekend of October has already been tentatively scheduled a month ago. Fright Fest [BIZARRO], wedding [not mine], Big Apple Con [ADAM. WEST.], Boston Comic Con/trip to Salem, Halloween [party?]. Yes, I've realized that I will be dressed up for every one of those occasions. Make it work!
15. Photoshoots coming up.
16. Stephanie Brown is Batgirl. Spoiler alert, etc etc.
17. Jake & Alicia are getting me one of the top items on my birthday wishlist ♥ Hint: It's not a serger, new glasses, a box of assorted macarons, a loft apartment in NY, or Dick Grayson.
18. Been singing more and dicking around with my keytar again. Piano is... hard. As hinted at by my current Facebook profile pic. And I'm finally selling my guitar. So long... hm, I don't think I ever got around to naming you. Sorry.
19. Lots of new clothessssss! And craft supplies! YEAH!
20. I know this is kind of early [and probably a longshot], but does anyone know if/where there are any Hell Houses in Massachusetts?
21. I have to go to the dentist tomorrow to see if I need root canal on my two front teeth [from when I KO'd myself last year]. So of course, I'm doing the logical thing and googling "root canal" and scaring myself.
22. Speaking of scary things like Halloween and root canal, Alicia gave me this Chick Tract [Jesus comics!] the other day.

[click to read the entire tract]

A few of my favorite panels:

Susy, I know he's your grandpa and all, but I wouldn't listen to Emilio Largo, if I were you...

My mom watches all the vampire shows too... btw, the girl-in-the-floral-dress' name is Buffy. Sasuga~

And then Death sent off his ghost-sperm to carry out his evil deeds...
a.k.a. inviting all of the furries and otherkin to the bonfire dance party.

I'm totes going to use that "heaven" line the next time I recommend/lend someone comics.
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J-J-J-Joker Face [Mon 17.08.09 09:56AM]
new room
little room


Saw G.I. Joe. What an odd sequel to (500) Days of Summer.

My parents made a Japanese curry dinner for Wayne Manor n_n

Woo, this past week was pretty sweet for DC Comics, but I am super stoked for Batgirl this week. Anyway, the highlight of this week's batch? Damian punching the shit out of Dick [whilst possessed by Boston Brand].

Saw Ponyo. Absolutely stunning and totally cute. The voice-acting was pretty legit too - Tina Fey? Liam Neeson? BETTY WHITE?! AWESOME! I want a charm bracelet of Ponyo's sisters.

Went to Six Flags! FINALLY! Due to a late start and getting psyched out on and off, I didn't get to go on the Bizarro. We'll have our showdown in October. I did however scream "MY PARENTS ARE DEAAAAAAD!" on Joker's Wildcard - I would've done it on The Dark Knight, but my heart stopped during one of the high points of the ride, from where I could see the epic Bizarro cutout for the coaster. Anddd I compared power rings with Green Lantern/John Stewart. All in all, the most fun I've ever had at Riverside/Six Flags.

Heading to NY from the 26th till the 28th, and then going to Philly for that weekenddd. It'll be nice to have a mini vacation and to spread my insanity elsewhere.

In other news, I've been powering up lately and feeling stronger.
My current weakness though is this goddamn heatwave. Eww.

It's weird to think about how I've been a mostly-functioning grown-up with my own apartment [two even, at this given moment] and source of income for almost a year, and furthermore, how much things have changed during this time. I feel much happier now.

And my hair is a bit redder. No, it's totally not noticeable in my outfit shots.

crazy beatCollapse )
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100% [Tue 11.08.09 11:14AM]
This still remains as one of my favorite short stories of all time.

A sad story, don"t you think?Collapse )

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Sid and Nancy, via JGL & Z. Deschanel [Tue 04.08.09 09:59AM]

Sid: I mean, we've been like Tom and Summer for months now.
Nancy: Sid, Summer messed with Tom's head for a year and a half, I think we've had some disagreements but I hardly think that I'm Summer Finn.
Sid: ... No, I'm Summer!
Nancy: And so I'm Tom?!
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les villainettes [Tue 28.07.09 11:39AM]
lesvillainettes = my & Alicia's countdown to SDCC 2010

Mostly for the sake of staying on track,
in terms of organizing our trip and making our costumes...

Partially so you guys can live vicariously through our mask-donning insanity.

Add away!
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caught on tape [Tue 21.07.09 01:09PM]
In case you wanted audiovisual proof of how annoying I am...
Nerdery in ACTION!

Rambling at the Kaiju booth at Wizard World Philly:

Werewolves scaring Jack out of his car and watching Baby Sky Deviler dance.

Some bow-tied audience member beat the shit out of Giii the Space Pirate:

Just kidding. I have weak arms.

[videos courtesy of Jeremy & miscellaneous Kaiju fan standing behind me]

There are also two videos that Mimi posted on Facebook of our girly antics at AB09, but I'm pretty sure that my friends can only see the one of us yelling "Spring Break!" and drinking unspecified beverages in the hotel room. The other one that most of you probably can't see [unless you're friends with Mimi... ?] is of us trying to console Mimi, who was freaking out after she face-planted on the floor. I did my part by bursting in and reassuring her that I was still hot despite breaking my face. So clearly, you're not missing out on too much.

Oh and here's another one from Wizard World Philly of mostly the Louden puppet, but K8 and I in the background. Watch as I showcase my folding skills as K8 tells me about some guy who was videotaping me.

Conclusively, I have an annoying voice.
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What time is it? [Mon 06.07.09 03:49PM]
beach bunny
I'm a week and a half late, and technically, "summer vacation" actually started in May, but anyway...

Summer to-do list:
- wait [im]patiently for a package that's "big enough to contain a severed head" to arrive to the House of Payne [my parents' house]. OMGGG.
- purge/revamp my wardrobe
- move from the Batcave [basement apartment in Allston] to Wayne Manor [house in Cambridge]
- get a new futon
- make atleast one new dress
- finish atleast two costumes
- revive my Etsy store
- quit some bad habits
- figure out what to do with my old computer [I'm pretty sure it's officially dead]
- blast through my reading list
- watch movies, specifically: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, (500) Days of Summer, G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra, Ponyo...
- plan my and Alicia's super birthday party ♥
- go to the the Institute of Contemporary Art
- go to the Museum of Fine Arts
- go to the Children's Museum
- go to the Museum of Science
- take better care of myself
- get Jake to fix my computer firewalls so that I can properly video-chat with the other ex-sidekick.
- get hired by New England Comics [y'know... for fun]
- daily vocal exercises [or every other day]
- keytar practice
- buy Rock Band for Wayne Manor [my housewarming gift to us]
- upgrade my phone to an iPhone [later this month]
- trim my bangs. at some point
- go to the beach
- see the fireworks
- go to a carnival
- go to Six Flags [as of now, it seems like 3 different parties want me to go with them, however, definite plans have yet to be made. I can only hope that I'll get to go atleast once.]
- Kaiju field trip to Double Dragon
- see Metric [August 1st!]
- go to New York a couple more times
- see/visit all of my friends [let me know which weekends you're free and I'll make a trek to see y'allz!]
- get to work earlier than usual every day, so that I can hopefully arrange to have every other Friday off
- avoid getting tanned
- go to the dentist
- get new glasses
- track down a robot-glove, à la Beyoncé
- take a ton of photos
- stop being loco for choco puffs

Less than two months left... LET'S DO THIS!
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what. [Sat 27.06.09 11:01PM]

Dear Six Flags New England,

I know that I haven't seen you since high school [and consequently x years late on this news], and that you've replaced the Ivy kiddie coaster with a Catwoman kiddie coaster, that you've just finished Bizarro-ing the Superman ride and all... but seriously:



P.S. The Joker ride better be working, when I make my eventual return.
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Girl, you're just a stupid dick. [Tue 26.05.09 12:37AM]
Sorry otaku, hipster-nerds, 30-somethings, ex-crushes, bro-dude gamers, etc...
But this is the only Dick that I care to encounter at a con:

Goodnight, world.

P.S. I forgot how much I loved Wilco's "Summerteeth" album.
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AB09 [Thu 21.05.09 12:55PM]

larger map under the cutCollapse )
The pink star is where you will find me for most of the convention.
Right next to Comicopia's giant-ass booth.

I will be selling merch, babysitting monsters, taking photos, and making fun of people [I know, I know, glass houses, etc etc].
Really, despite my disdain for most anime fans [and their subsequent death threats], my gradually decreasing interest in anime itself, and the fact that the last couple of years have been a total bust [furthermore, my "NEVER AGAIN!" declaration after 2008? Yeah.], I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited to go. It could be that I'm not stressed or scrambling last-minute like previous years and that I'm getting in for free, but I think that I'm just totes excited to see my friends and their costumes/drunkeness.


Highlights will be documented live via Twitter [add/remove me at your discretion].
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[Mon 04.05.09 03:10PM]
Currently in the process of rebuilding my entire music library, so...


I’m pretty much open to anything*, so go for it!
Album/song uploads are a plus, but not necessary n_n

Thanks, in advance ♥

*... except the Dave Matthews Band.
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